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Welcome to Eggspecting

Welcome to Eggspecting, Inc., a full-service reproduction tourism company dedicated to bringing together intended parents, IVF specialists, egg donors, and surrogates from all over the world. Our focus is on cross-border egg donation, and we are proud to have worked with clients from 35+ countries and clinics in 15 countries and counting.

Established in the USA in 2006, we have since expanded our agency to include sending American egg donors abroad to cycle for our international clients and clinics, starting in 2011. In 2014, we further expanded our reach into South Africa, and now coordinate global egg donor cycles all over the world.

With our unparalleled expertise and experience in coordinating cross-border egg donor cycles, Eggspecting, Inc. is unmatched in the USA market. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional services and top-notch cycle management to ensure a positive and stress-free experience.

Thank you for considering Eggspecting, Inc. for your reproductive tourism needs. We look forward to serving you and helping you make your dreams of parenthood a reality.

Feature Services

Our reputation and experience have allowed us to recruit the highest quality Egg Donors from all over the world and to create extremely unique fixed cost/low-cost global programs for both egg donation and surrogacy inside and outside the USA, ensuring that we provide you with the best options for family building worldwide. Whether you are looking for an Egg Donor within the USA or abroad, Eggspecting, Inc. is your go-to agency for top-notch cycle management, quality Egg Donors, and numerous options for family building through egg donation. Our premier surrogacy program in Mexico City is unlike any other offering a premium first world program at half the cost of USA surrogacy.

Our Team

We are here for you each and every step of the way to give you a positive and stress-free experience. We are honored you have come to us and we will do all that we can to make your dreams of parenthood come true!

Carrie Bloedorn

CEO, Program Director & International Specialist

Carrie Bloedorn first embarked on her journey into the world of fertility years ago when she was selected to donate for several couples from 2004-2008. Her first hand experiences in the world of egg donation lead her to create Eggspecting Inc in 2006. Seeing the rising demand for egg donor cycles abroad, Carrie embarked on a new journey in 2010 to break down international borders and specialize in international egg donation. She currently works with clients all over the world (35 countries and counting) who desire family building options in egg donation and surrogacy friendly countries across the globe. Carrie is a pioneer in international egg donation and cross boarder fertility tourism. Carrie spends many months a year working and living in Usa, Central America, South Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia to better assist our international clients and egg donors.
Her expertise in international egg donation is unparalleled in the United States. Carrie is an active member of Resolve, SART, ASRM, ESHRE and is active in international communities to continue to improve cross boarder arrangements and reproductive tourism. Carrie's expertise in cross boarder egg donation arrangements are unmatched in the USA.
"As a mother of twins I understand the immense joys of parenting. My children are the very reason I decided to become an egg donor; and they continue to be my inspiration and encouragement in my quest of helping others achieve their dreams of parenthood. The basic human desire to create and nurture new life transcends all race, religion, and culture. Children are our most beloved gift that we give to the world."
- Carrie Bloedorn.

Bronwyn Johannessen

International Program Director

Bronwyn Johannessen first joined Eggspecting, Inc. in 2015 as the South Africa Program Director and has since risen through the ranks to become the International Program Director. Her journey in the world of egg donation has led her to a fulfilling decision of becoming an egg donor herself, driven by her passion for children and her lifelong dream of motherhood. She holds a deep appreciation for the life-changing impact that egg donation can have on those who are unable to conceive naturally.
Bronwyn's enthusiasm for egg donation led her to join the Eggspecting, Inc. team, a decision that she considers one of the proudest and happiest moments of her life. As an Agency Director, she has had the privilege of contributing to each cycle and witness the hope and joy that it brings to intended parents. Although her own donation time has ended, her passion for the industry has only grown. She is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Carrie Bloedorn, the Agency Director and Owner, and to be part of a team that is dedicated to changing lives every day through the gift of egg donation.
In summary, Bronwyn's experience as an egg donor and her love for children have driven her passion for egg donation. Her role at Eggspecting, Inc. has allowed her to work towards fulfilling her lifelong dream of motherhood by contributing to the hopes and dreams of others. She is deeply grateful for her involvement with the agency and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

People Love Us

We take great pride in our commitment to providing excellent service and support to all of our clients. Each Egg Donor, Intended Parent, and Surrogate is highly valued.

I would definitely recommend Eggspecting! Carrie and Bronwyn were incredibly helpful and comforting throughout our journey. Whenever we had a question or concern, they were always right there to assist us or guide us in the right direction. Always super fast with getting back to you, excellent communication. Eggspecting makes the process simple, at a time when things can feel overwhelming. We only had very positive experiences with Eggspecting and everyone they introduced us to.
Intended Parent
"Your staff at Eggspecting is top notch. Everyone I talked to or communicated with was professional and answered all my questions to my satisfaction, even above and beyond my expectations. I never once felt nervous or anxious about any part of the process. You did a wonderful job of walking me through the entire process. I had a great experience."
Egg Donor