Where will your Journey take you?

Since early 2011 Eggspecting has been the #1 American egg donation agency for Intended Parents seeking fertility tourism for IVF, Egg donation, and/or Surrogacy outside their home countries.
Eggspecting is a global leader when it comes to providing quality care and affordable options for your family building journey. We offer many family building options to meet your needs and your budget.
Fertility tourism has gained more acknowledgement and popularity in the last few years mostly due to commercial surrogacy bans in many countries and the rising costs in the USA. The large numbers of Surrogates in India, Asia, and Mexico, combined with the affordable overall costs, has created a huge boom in demand for more modern clinics and western practices in these countries.
Carrie Bloedorn was key in developing relationships with IVF doctors all over the world and requiring western standards at all the global clinics she works with, thus opening up more choices for parents across the globe, without sacrificing quality. She pioneered the international egg donor complication insurance policy that now exists; opening the doors for American donors to donate abroad with peace of mind.
To date we have helped couples from 20+ different countries in their journey towards parenthood via USA, India, Thailand, Mexico, Nepal, Cambodia, and Greece. Before 2011 finding quality screened donors to donate abroad was almost impossible. Eggspecting completely changed that! We are the first American agency to openly send American donors abroad and we have revolutionized the way in which American donors going abroad are screened to a much higher quality and standard.
American Egg donors come from every Race, Religion, and Ethnic background giving clients all over the world the most diverse donors to choose from for closely matched family building. American donors can legally be paid for their egg donation; unlike many other donors from other countries. These things combined with the highest level of donor screening, compared to any of the other countries in the world, makes American donors the best choice for Intended Parents across the Globe!
We have now expanded our donor agency into South Africa. We screen our South African egg donors to the exact same quality and standard as our American donors, including genetic testing and psyche evaluations, providing Intended Parents with the same quality of donors but with more affordable overall cost options. Eggspecting is also the only agency in the world to be able to provide egg donor complications insurance on South African egg donors.