Egg Donation and Surrogacy for Foreigners in Guatemala City


Costs of Surrogacy only in Guatemala is $52,000 to $75,000 NOT including Foreign Travel Donor

Eggspecting facilitated the travel of foreign donors from America, Europe, and South Africa to Guatemala from 2016-2018 and continues to offer egg donation services in the country. We also refer our clients to a local surrogacy agency that has successfully and smoothly completed many surrogacy journeys, with a relatively fast exit process for Americans compared to other programs in other countries.

However, it is important to note that while surrogacy agencies and clinics claim surrogacy is legal in Guatemala, the country lacks a general law on assisted reproduction techniques or regulation specific to foreigners or same-sex couples pursuing surrogacy. According to the Civil Code, the mother who gives birth to the child is considered the legal mother, and paternity is awarded to her husband if she is married. As a result, the surrogate and her husband are considered the parents, rather than the intended parents.

Nonetheless, there is a way for the intended father to be listed on the birth certificate if he is the sperm contributor of the implanted embryo. However, the surrogate cannot be removed from the birth certificate.

The history of egg donation and surrogacy in Guatemala can be traced back to the early 2000s when a few clinics began offering these services to foreigners. Due to the country’s affordable healthcare system, it quickly became an attractive destination for couples seeking infertility treatments. By the mid-2010s, Guatemala had become a popular destination for surrogacy services, with clinics catering to foreign couples seeking affordable and accessible options for starting a family.

However, the surrogacy industry in Guatemala faced challenges due to the lack of legal protections for surrogates and intended parents. The government’s tightening of regulations around assisted reproduction services has also created uncertainty for the future of these services in Guatemala.

In conclusion, while Guatemala has been an attractive destination for egg donation and surrogacy services, the country’s legal framework surrounding these services remains complex and ever-changing. Eggspecting is committed to providing our clients with accurate information about the current state of the industry in Guatemala and assisting them in making informed decisions about their options for assisted reproduction, but we are receiving our information from the local surrogacy agency and their attorney and so we recommend that you speak to the local agency before committing to anything.