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Your Checklist for a Successful Surrogacy Journey – Surrogacy Preparation Checklist

I. Introduction

  • The rising prominence of surrogacy as a route to parenthood.
  • The importance of preparation in ensuring a smooth surrogacy journey.

II. Background

  • A brief history of surrogacy and its evolution in modern society.
  • Factors influencing the growing acceptance and practice of surrogacy.

III. Initial Considerations

  • Understanding Your ‘Why’
    • Reflecting on personal motivations for considering surrogacy.
  • Evaluating Finances
    • Approximate costs involved in surrogacy.
    • Planning for unexpected financial challenges.
  • Research on Legalities
    • Differing legal landscapes surrounding surrogacy across countries and states.
    • Importance of seeking legal counsel early in the process.

IV. Selecting the Right Surrogacy Agency

  • Research and Recommendations
    • Importance of agency reputation and history.
    • Seeking feedback from previous clients.
  • Aligning with Agency’s Values
    • Ensuring agency’s philosophy aligns with personal values and expectations.
  • Transparency in Processes and Fees
    • Importance of clear communication and understanding of agency’s services and associated costs3.

V. Medical Preparations

  • Selecting a Fertility Clinic
    • Importance of clinic reputation and success rates.
    • Evaluating the experience and qualifications of medical professionals.
  • Health Check-ups
    • Ensuring optimal health of intended parents and the surrogate.
    • Genetic screening and other preliminary tests.
  • Mental and Emotional Well-being
    • The importance of psychological counseling for both intended parents and the surrogate.
    • Building a support system for the journey.

VI. Navigating Relationships

  • Building Trust with the Surrogate
    • Communication, understanding, and mutual respect.
    • Setting clear boundaries and expectations.
  • Involvement of Extended Family
    • Managing relationships and expectations within the family and friend circle.

VII. Conclusion

  • Emphasizing preparation as the cornerstone of a successful surrogacy journey.
  • Encouraging continued learning and seeking expert guidance throughout the process.


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