Tips for Intended Parents

Avoid These Mistakes: Essential Tips for Intended Parents


Embarking on a surrogacy journey is undeniably intricate, replete with various stages, emotional challenges, and significant decisions. The path for intended parents, however, is particularly laden with potential missteps that could lead to emotional, financial, and temporal repercussions. This article elucidates such pitfalls and, more importantly, offers invaluable “Tips for Intended Parents” to navigate this complex journey seamlessly.


Historically, surrogacy has woven an intricate tapestry, deeply rooted in societal, cultural, and biological landscapes1. As times evolved, the role of intended parents transitioned from passive participants to proactive decision-makers, necessitating their comprehensive understanding of the process.

Common Mistakes and Proactive Measures

Inadequate Research

  • Dangers of Skimming the Surface: Rushing into surrogacy without exhaustive research might lead to unforeseen challenges or potential disappointments.
  • Tips for Intended Parents:
    • Utilize trusted sources to comprehend the surrogacy journey.
    • Engage in discussions with professionals and experienced parents.

Neglecting Legal Frameworks

  • Pitfalls in Paperwork: Overlooking essential legal agreements can result in disputes or challenges, especially in the realm of international surrogacy.
  • Tips for Intended Parents:
    • Engage a legal expert specializing in surrogacy.
    • Stay updated with regional and international surrogacy laws.

Overlooking Psychological Support

  • Underestimating Emotional Depth: The surrogacy process can be emotionally taxing, with highs and lows that demand psychological resilience.
  • Tips for Intended Parents:
    • Seek professional psychological counseling when needed.
    • Engage in support groups or community forums.

Financial Shortsightedness

  • The Expense of Oversight: Not planning finances meticulously can result in unexpected burdens or halted procedures.
  • Tips for Intended Parents:
    • Maintain transparency with agencies about financial capacities.
    • Forecast potential hidden costs and budget for contingencies.

Neglecting Surrogate’s Well-being

  • An Ethical Imperative: The health and well-being of the surrogate are paramount, both ethically and for the success of the surrogacy.
  • Tips for Intended Parents:
    • Foster open communication lines with the surrogate.
    • Ensure regular medical check-ups and psychological support for the surrogate.

Settling for Inadequate Medical Care

  • Compromising on Health: Opting for substandard medical care might jeopardize the health of the surrogate and the baby.
  • Tips for Intended Parents:
    • Vet the medical professionals and facilities associated with the process.
    • Prioritize internationally recognized medical standards.

Essential for Intended Parents

Beyond the potential mistakes lie transformative “Tips for Intended Parents” that can enhance the surrogacy experience:

  • Embracing Patience: Recognize the surrogacy journey as time-intensive, often requiring extended durations for desired outcomes.
  • Openness to Learning: Stay receptive to new insights and practices in surrogacy.
  • Building Trusting Relationships: Foster a relationship of trust and respect with the surrogate and agency.
  • Continuous Education: Regularly update knowledge through workshops, readings, or support groups for intended parents.


The surrogacy journey is profound, extending beyond the mere procedural aspects to touch the very essence of human connection and family creation. By adhering all of the above, the journey can transform from a path laden with potential pitfalls to one filled with informed decisions, mutual respect, and eventual fulfillment.

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